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Promote your business location with a Pylon Sign

In busy retail districts and crowded shopping mall properties, it’s hard to make your business stand out from the crowd. Pylon signs are the solution.  With the ability to advertise your business 24/7 in full colour and with back lighting, pylon signs are the perfect way to direct street traffic to your door. They are a simple and long lasting way to advertise your business. Constructed from high quality materials, your pylon sign will show off your business location for years to come.

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Single and Multi-tenanted Pylon Signs

Pylon signs come in two variations: single pylon signs or multi-tenant signs.  Single pylon signs are an excellent choice for complex single-tenant and large commercial properties with several entrances.   Single pylon signs direct traffic to your main entrance efficiently and effectively.

In many multi-tenanted properties, like malls and commercial building units, the use of multi-tenant pylon signs is an effective solution for both the landlord and the renters.  By showcasing all tenants of the property in one pylon, it’s easy for visitors to find your business from the road.

Pylon Sign, Single ground Pylon SIgns, Curbex Sign and Lighting, Barrie, Toronto, Ontario

Illuminated Pylons: Bulb Lighting vs. LED

When purchasing an illuminated pylon sign, the bulbs used are a very important factor in your long term operational costs, as well as the life span of the pylon. LED’s are quickly becoming the industry standard in illuminated signage and for good reason. Read on to find out why LED’s are the optimal choice for your lighted signage.

Benefits of LED lights:

  • Longer life. LED lights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours! That’s 5.7 years of worry free operation and little to no maintenance calls.
  • Lower operational costs. In addition to a long life, LED lights also use the least amount of energy, saving you hundreds of dollars a year in operational costs.
  • Environmentally friendly. LED lights save you money, but they also save the environment. Because they use so much less energy, they are the most environmentally friendly choice for lighting. As well, LED’s don’t use any harmful materials in their operation or production. Unlike fluorescents or CFL’s, which contain mercury and cannot be disposed of in regular garbage services.
  • Safe. LED’s can handle bumps and shocks unlike bulbs and fluorescents, which are extremely fragile. Because of the long life and durability of LED’s, and because they don’t contain harmful mercury, LED’s are the safest choice for lighting. You will not only be saving time and money in maintenance costs, but reducing the risk of accident and injury while repairing fragile bulbs.

Pylon Tenant Sign Re-facing

New Tenants | Upgrades

For landlords, pylon signs are the perfect way to boost the value of your rental property without increasing your operational costs. With high quality lighted pylon signs, you will increase vehicle and foot traffic to your property immensely. Because pylon signs are easy to maintain, and individual panels are even easier to replace – business owners will love the opportunity to move into your property.

Curbex Sign & Lighting uses energy efficient LED light bulbs in all of our lighted signs, so not only are your operational costs low – your maintenance costs are low as well. With over 5 years of life before replacing burnt out bulbs, and high quality full colour graphics – what better way is there to advertise your property?

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